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WARRINGTONALIVE.COM serves Warrington Township in Central Bucks County, Pennsylvania (PA). Founded in 1734, Warrington Township was named after the town of Warrington in Cheshire, England. The early township consisted of four villages: Warrington, Neshaminy, Tradesville, and Pleasantville.

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Warrington was founded in 1734 and named after a town in Lancashire England. Warrington was located at the intersection of Bristol Road and the Doylestown-Willow Grove Turnpike, now known as Easton Road. Warrington Township, long-ago designated as The Gateway to Historic Bucks County, is home to 25,000 residents and over 375 businesses and is not only a dynamic residential area, but a bustling commercial center, as well. Across its 13.8 square miles, the Warrington community is nestled amidst both agricultural and preserved lands, including 300 acres dedicated to parks and active recreation and nearly 700 acres of open space.


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